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SWEET HOME 2019 | Video and drawings installation

[watch the video]

‘Chibanis’ is a denomination used to designate these elders Maghrebian workers who came to France during “Les trentes glorieuse” (1945-1973).

In Sweet Home these gentlemen tell us through drawings their condition of life and the unsanitary housing in which they lived on their arrival.

Mohamed Salah D.
Arrived in Marseille in 1969

Djilali K.
Arrived in Marseille in 1960

Ahmed C.
Arrived in Marseille in 1965

Mabrouk B.
Arrived in Nanterre in 1960

Miloud A.
Arrived in Aix-en-Provence in 1967

Djelloul B.
Arrived in Nice in 1969

Mebarek B.
Arrived in Paris in 1968

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